KING B Series

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Built by the King Motor Car Company of Detroit, Michigan in 1913, this particular car is the only one of its kind with a ¾ Laundelette body from Salmons of Newport Pagnell in England.

The car is right hand drive and was acquired in 2006 and an extensive restoration project by Belcher Engineering Ltd of Rickinghall was completed in 2009.

Promotional material from the King Motor Company at the time included reference to the floating cantilever springs, which were a modification of those used with notable success by the Lancaster Car Company of England, and which were set at right angles to the direction taken by the resistance to road shocks.


These springs also made auxiliary shock-absorbing devices wholly unnecessary whilst also providing ample road clearance and freedom from “side-swing”. They offered complete comfort to occupants and assured a long and economical life to the car and its tyres. Their advertising material also made reference to the “Horseless Ace”.

This Series B was promoted as a “Touring Car and Roadster” with a 3,870cc engine producing between 30-35 HP.

The original service manual, chassis, body drawings, original papers and invoice for the roll-on chassis coming into England.

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