Jaguar E-Type Series 1 - Roadster 1964

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The 1964 Series 1 E-Type came with a 3.8 litre six-cylinder engine, which is the same unit as that used in the Jaguar XK 150 3.8 S, with a triple SU carburettor, power assisted disc brakes on all four wheels and an independent coil spring rear suspension. The gearbox is a manual Moss 4-speed unit (commonly referred to as a Moss box) without synchromesh in first gear. The bucket seats and interior are trimmed in vinyl and leather.


The first open top Series 1 production car to be completed by Jaguar was tested by The Motor magazine in 1961 and reportedly reached a top speed of 149.1 mph and accelerated from 0–60 mph in 7.1 seconds. A fuel consumption of 21.3 mpg was claimed by the test team.


The E-Type in the BK Museum is a left-hand drive version and was delivered to its first owner in Washington, USA in mid-1964. It was acquired by the Museum in 2003 and an extensive restoration project by Chris Jones of Dereham, which included returning the bodywork to its original Carmen Red colour, was completed in March 2011.

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