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Jaguar E-Type Series 1 Roadster


The E-Type in the BK Museum is a left-hand drive version and was delivered to its first owner in Washington, USA in mid-1964. It was acquired by the Museum in 2003 and an extensive restoration project by Chris Jones of Dereham, which included returning the bodywork to its original Carmen Red colour, was completed in March 2011.


Stunning Restorations


The Bedford OB was introduced in the summer of 1939 but only 73 were built prior to the onset of
World War II. Production recommenced in unchanged form after the war and continued until 1950.
A total of 12,766 OBs were produced, making it one of the most popular buses of its type ever.

For collectors and museums

Built by the King Motor Car Company of Detroit, Michigan in 1913, this particular car is the only one of its kind with a ¾ Laundelette body from Salmons of Newport Pagnell in England.

The car is right hand drive and was acquired in 2006 and an extensive restoration project by Belcher Engineering Ltd of Rickinghall was completed in 2009.


Bedford OB Coach

The OB differed from its predecessor in that the chassis was specially designed for PSV use (previously an adapted lorry chassis had been used). The OB chassis has an offset differential in the rear axle with the engine and four-speed sliding mesh (crash) gearbox mounted at a slight angle to enable the propeller shaft to line up with the differential which was set to the near side of the axle. This enabled a sunken gangway to be installed along the centre line of the coach.